Follow your Heart, find your destiny – Part 2


Follow your heart, find your destiny – Part 2

By Inspirofreak

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

If you want to catch up, please read Part 1 first on:

  • How to know what your calling/vocation is and how to follow your heart.
  • What Mastery means and how you can achieve it.

To master a subject, you first have to find a Master. Look for people that you admire. Ask them to give you some pointers. Pay for a course that they offer. Get to know them inside and out and learn all you can from them. Absorb the Master’s power.

You can also use a 2nd degree role model. This will be public figures who you don’t know personally. Research them, read their biographies, follow them on Social Media. Find out how they got to be where they are at today.

If all else fails and there is no-one, books are great for being temporary mentors. Read as many books as possible in the field of your interest. Personalise the author’s voice in your head. Better yet, listen to their audiobooks or podcasts. Study the author. What would they do in a specific situation? Use what you can and eliminate what you don’t need.

Go through an apprenticeship of +- 10000 hours. This can be divided into 3 essential steps, according to Robert Greene in his book on Mastery:

  1. Deep Observation

Mute your colors, keep to the background. Drop any preconceptions and have a serious desire to learn. Look for the unspoken procedural rules. Look for patterns. Observe. Analyse.

  1. Skills Acquisition

Endless repetition and hands on work. Begin with one skill you can master and build on that. The initial stages will be tedious, but it will toughen your mind.

  1. Experimentation/Active mode

Take on more responsibility. Gauge your progress, fill in gaps. Use constructive criticism. Move past your fears. Force yourself to initiate projects.

Expanding your brain even further than the initial +-10000 hour apprenticeship, you can achieve an intuitive level of thinking, a kind of 3 dimensional intelligence. This level of mastery requires +-20000 hours. This is where you start seeing patterns and unlock mysteries to humankind. That is how Einstein got his “Genius” status. He could solve problems with a seemingly superhuman intelligence.

Some key strategies to mastery include:

  • Choosing tasks slightly above your level of competence, rising to the challenge.
  • Cultivate negative capability by learning to embrace negativity and uncertainty.
  • Explore new /intriguing mysteries.
  • Keep a notebook at hand for random thoughts and ideas.
  • Look for the HOW, instead of the WHAT, going more deeply into the parts, improving the structure.
  • Visualise it – think in terms of images, diagrams and models.
  • Stimulate your senses.

Go confidently in the direction of your interests, in time, specialise by combining skills to solve problems. The future belongs to innovators of new fields. “We betray our true selves when we do not follow the heart’s desire, for what the heart is attracted to, is your destiny.” – Leon Brown

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Jana du Toit



2 thoughts on “Follow your Heart, find your destiny – Part 2

  1. Hey! Cool post!

    The Alchemist is a beautiful with such great insight! 🙂

    Audiobooks are now one of the easiest method to consumer information. When I hop on the tube every morning I plug in my earphones and listen to my audiobook when going to work and when going home. That way I get around three books a month.

    I set myself the goal to read/listen to 30 books this year.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the posts! 🙂


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