Get Your Online Team Engaged And Motivated


Get Your Online Team Engaged and Motivated

By Inspirofreak


A study done by Gallup revealed that only 13% of workers say that they are actively engaged. Only 28% of employees said that the company are making use of their full skills, and that 2 out of 3 millennials are expecting to leave their jobs by 2020 . Employee turnover costs a company an estimated 1.5 times the employee’s salary. Online teams miss out on the social aspects of a work environment. Using technology to their advantage will help teams engage and motivate each other professionally and personally.


Employee engagement drivers


Working online has many benefits, but brings unique challenges. Keeping teams motivated and engaged has to be planned for. Employment engagement drivers include MEANING (that your job has a purpose), AUTONOMY (flexibility to fit your job into your environment so it suits you), GROWTH (being challenged so you can progress), IMPACT (positive outcomes as a result of your work) and CONNECTION (sense of belonging).


Recognition is key


Most of employee recognition systems still focus on long service. Employees don’t feel that they get enough recognition. According to Human Resources Today, the number 1 reason people resign is limited recognition and praise. 40% of workers would work harder if their employer made effort to recognize them often.


Employees feel disconnected


Online employees have a need to bond with management to maintain a meaningful relationships. Management has a huge influence on employee engagement scores. Companies that focus on increased engagement and motivation experienced 10% higher ratings from customers, a 21% higher profitability and 20% increase in productivity, which leads to lower turnover and lower absenteeism.


What is your gamification strategy?

Many companies make use of gamification tools to boost online employee performance, engagement and motivation. Think games and challenges, leaderboards and badges. Badgeville, Bunchball, Workplace Arcade and GamEffective are some of the products that can be used. Companies could launch challenges, set up teams and award tangible prizes.


Using Social Media to your advantage

Forbes has reported that Social Media can boost online employee engagement.  Facebook has launched Workplace to cater for the corporate world. This is a dedicated space where employees can connect, collaborate with and motivate each other. The advantage of using such a space is that most people knows how it works if they use Facebook. Other services in the market are Slack, Yammer and G Suite. It increases efficiency and minimizes email. Having a home channel/group where colleagues can share photos etc. that are not work related can make them more productive while being part of an online team.


Building engagement from the ground up


Define your measures and goals. You cannot force people to be active on social media. Measurable targets for engagement will help you know what you are aiming for. Share interesting and relevant content. Help your employees understand why they should get involved. Ongoing communication is crucial. Use incentives and gamification. Offer Social Media Training. Weave the social media activity into their everyday responsibilities.


Having online teams are advantageous for business, as long as there are steps being taken to actively engage and motivate team members. Establishing a sense of community will communicate that you care, remember, a happy worker is a productive worker.


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Jana du Toit




Who wants to be a billionaire?


By Inspirofreak

This week, on my personal page on Facebook, I asked 4 questions. It made you think a little, didn’t it…Philosophical questions about your life. I will aim to answer them for you below with my logic and research thus far.


Tony Robbins started at age 17, came from nothing, read 100+ books per year. Today his net worth is +-$500 million.

Jim Rohn, Tony’s mentor followed the same philosophy, saying that if you read 2 books a week, that’s 8 books a month and equals to 100+ books a year. That is 1000 books in 10 years. Can you imagine the wealth of knowledge you’d have? And best of all, it is available EVERYWHERE!

James Altucher, in his book Reinvent Yourself, said that if you read +- 500 books per subject, it could equal mastery of the subject. You can hypothetically be in the top 30-50 in that field. The top 200 in almost any field makes a living with their knowledge and at 500 you could create wealth. So in 10 years, you could be a master in 2 fields…or be SUPER specialised and just maybe crack something that no-one ever has. Imagine if you adopted this philosophy for the rest of your life? What will it do for you? It will exponentially change your life!

If I ask you to write down a list of AT LEAST 50 things you want to accomplish in 10 years (what do you want to be, see, feel, do, have, where do you want to go, what do you want to experience etc.) without holding back, thinking that it isn’t realistic, would you do that? If you don’t have a target, what are you aiming for? Are you shooting blind?

Now on that list, tell me, did you write down becoming a billionaire? Why not?
Do you think that it is unrealistic? There are currently 2200 billionaires in the world, some coming from obscurity and adversity, 62% of entrepreneurs are self-made.
Do you think you are too young? 34 year old Mark Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire with a net worth of 77,6 billion USD.
Do you think you are too old? 87 year old Warren Buffet made 99% of his 81.9 billion USD after age 50.
Do you think they have special powers? You need to realize that ANYONE can become a billionaire. It does not require innate talent, superior genetics or whatever else you may believe. If 2200 people can do it, so can YOU. Do your BEST possible.


Ideas, plans and purpose can be planted in the mind by thought. When you mix thoughts with emotion, it reaches your subconscious mind.
For those of you that aren’t so familiar with how your brain is structured, here is an analogy to explain it better:
Your brain is a library with vast information…
Your UNCONSCIOUS mind has a record/book for every second of every day since you were conceived. All the senses (see, feel, hear, taste, smell) pour in information that is stored in the library of your mind.
Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is all the books you have taken out this month, everything that you remember when you think about it now.
Your CONSCIOUS mind is the book you are reading right now. It is what you are experiencing today, fully awake and aware of your surroundings.
My father always said: “Garbage in, garbage out” which meant that you should be very very careful what you put into your brain, as it can affect your life forever. So feed yourself good stuff and guard yourself against negative and harmful stimuli (think tv, songs, negative self-talk etc.)


With the use of autosuggestion, you can influence your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. You can literally change your internal blueprint of what you think you are and what life is.
What if everyone told you as child that you are a loser? You start believing it because thoughts mixed with emotion opens and writes a book in your subconscious.
How can you overwrite this? Is it possible?
YES. Through auto-suggestion.
You can repeat statements aloud, mix it with emotion and read it to yourself on a daily basis until it has been memorised and stored in your mind. If you do this enough times, this will rewrite the negative input and change the way you think/perceive and react.
Your subconscious mind will act first on dominating (burning) desires.
If you believe in your ability to succeed and incorporate your imagination, you will be able to influence your subconscious to help you attract the life you want.

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Conquer YOURSELF, force LIFE to play!

Jana du Toit